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2019 Semi-Pro Carvers

Denny Henson
Denny has been chainsaw carving as a hobby for five years. He started carving after taking a class from George Kenny in Allyn, Washington. He is an electrical engineer by trade. Denny also enjoys making metal art work, rustic decor and steampunk items.
Eric Bergstrom
Eric Bergstrom and his son Joseph have made the Reedsport event a Father's Day tradition since 2013. Eric cuts firewood for a living while he waits for his big break as a best-selling author, but sculpture is always a special privilege and he's happy to be here.
Garrett Aries
Garrett Aries has been carving for eight years off and on. The last three years he's been more competitive and going to more shows up and down the west coast. Garrett lives on the water, sea life is his favorite thing to carve. Check out his facebook page, Garrett Aries Carvings.
Gary Spallino
Gary has been carving about 4 1/2 years. This is how he makes his living. He was a timber faller for many years prior. A friend carved a bear and Gary tried it; he's been carving ever since. He loves to carve new things and be challenged.
Jason Murieen
Jason grew up in a logging family in the Kalmath Mountains near the towns of Happy Camp and Yreka in Northern California, aka the Beautiful State of Jefferson! Not only was he taught to respect the dangers of the saw, but to appreciate and protect the renewable resources of the Pacific Northwest Timber! This is why he became a wildland firefighter! Jason has been a loyal spectator of the ODCCC for many years and has participated in 2017 and 2018. He enjoys carving bears and fish and getting to know the other carvers and the wonderful staff of the Oregon Divisonal Chainsaw Carving Championship.
Jason Peppard
Jason enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors with his 9 year old black lab, Berry. He is the proud father of a beautiful seven year old daughter, Lydia.
Molly Wiste
Molly started carving the summer of 2008. She mostly carves in summer, and is also an art teacher at the Bemidji Middle School in Minnesota. Since her first carving event in Hackensack Minnesota in 2008 she has traveled all over the United States from Pennsylvania to Washington state. She has also traveled internationally to the Australian Chainsaw Carving Competition in 2017. She placed 3rd in Scandinavia Wisconsin in 2017. She enjoys carving pieces based on Minnesota wildlife and pieces that show the human condition.
Nick Bielby
Nick has been carving for about three years now. He won third place semi-pro in Reedsport in 2018. He loves carving and has been doing it full time since the day he started. Nick really likes the family he has here and also loves the traveling. His favorite stuff to carve is wildlife. Nick strives for realistic carvings and loves to challenge himself to carve better with each carving he does. He started carving by making stuff for his wife and discovered a hidden talent he didn't know he had.
Porter Foltz
Porter has been carving with a chainsaw for about three years marking this summer. He got started of course by growing up around it with his Dad carving since he was about a year and a half old. He would say it's a hobby right now, but would love to be able to call it his profession in further years. Porter mostly enjoys carving trees, bears and he is always open to try something new.
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