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2019 Pro Carvers

Alex Pricob
A full time wood carver with a shop in Yelm, Washington. Alex builds and carves thousands of items every year. Alex participates in 27 shows a year. Alex loves Jesus and is blessed because of the talent that Jesus has given him.
Brandon Wilson
Brandon has been carving seven years, four of them professionally. First competed in Reedsport in 2016 and won the Semi-Pro division. Since then Brandon has competed from the West Coast to the East Coast, as well as in Alaska placing in the top five.
Bruce Thor
Bruce has been an international competitive chainsaw sculptor for the last 20 years. Bruce has been there and done that from Japan to Germany and almost everywhere in between. 2018 saw him creating for his high school, Thomas Jefferson, and acting like a fool on a spool. 2019 has started well with a charity carve in Port Orchard to help tornado victims. Bruce prays that everyone has a good year. Kepp smiling!
Caleb Rusk
Caleb has been working with wood for many years. First as a climber / feller in the logging business for 20 years, and as a professional wood sculpting artist since 2008. He currently owns and operates a carving business in Gates, Oregon. Caleb is most know for carving benches and bears.
Chris Foltz
Chris is a father, husband, chef and sculptor. He has been working with wood and ice for about 13 years. Chris is an international competitor; his sculpture in both wood and ice have given him the opportunity to travel all over the world.
Colby Herrington
Colby started carving with his Dad, Mark Herrington, at age 11. He carves full time and enjoys carving Northwest animals.
Constantin Morari
Constantin has been carving for three years. He had a passion for arts since he was a little boy. His other passion has always been animals, and after moving to the US from Moldova, he had the chance to combine both within carving. Carving is both a hobby and a passion for Constantin. Although he makes money carving, he hopes carving will always remain a passion. He enjoys every moment of every given day. Contantin embraces life's challenges and makes the most out of every single moment.
Donald Benson
What? Donald has fans? He has been carving for 13 years. 11+ years of carving full time. Donald is married to a wonderful woman and they have three great kids.
Ellie Keeland
Ellie keeps herself busy running Ellie's Chainsaw Carving Art Gallery.
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