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2019 International Carvers

Adrian Bois
Reedsport, Oregon is one of the best Chainsaw Carving Championships, and Adrian says it's his favorite. Reedsport is the first Championship that Adrian participated in the USA, and it is special to him. He has made a lot of friends, people invite him to their places to share and have a fun time. It's amazing how the Carvers families open their hearts to make International Carvers feel like locals. People from Reedsport are very special to Adrian. His main carving from 2018 is close to Reedsport, and he always has a good time with his friends. The Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Carving Championship is always at top level, sawdust in the air, and wood chips flying away. It's where Adrian wants to be!
Brandon Kroon
Brandon Kroon has been passionate about creating, fixing and working with his hands ever since he could remember. Entering in to the carving and sculpting scene in 2013; he has done a wide selection of artworks and commissions through Australia, competed in the Australian Chainsaw Carving Championship five times running and has attended many shows and demonstrations along the way. Located in Melbourne's Gippsland region (Australia), Brandon has been mentored by some of the country's best carvers and has taken his own personal style into the industry. Along with wildlife, human form and natural elements; Brandon's favorite carving theme is industrial machinery, trucks, bikes, boats and beyond. Brandon's carving profession has also taken him onto the international scale, with recent placings and competitions including: Tesselaar Sculpture Prize Melbourne - People's Choice 2015 & 2016. 2017 US Open Chainsaw Carving Championship - 4th Place. 2018 Austrailian Chainsaw Carving Championship - People's Choice. 2018 Alaska Cup Chainsaw Carving Championship - 3rd Place and People's Choice. Find out more at Visit Brandon on Facebook: BK Carving. Instagram: bkcarving email:
Hikaru Kodama
Hikaru has been carving for 17 years. His main business is forestry. He started carving to improve his core chainsaw skills. His carving style is to express human drama, he likes it most.
Kazunori Ota
Ota has been carving for 15 years. He has been a member of the master of the chainsaw in Toei Japan. His main job is persimmon farmer and part time lecturer of Gifu University. Ota most enjoys carving wildlife.
Liam Tromans
Liam was born in Cape Breton, NS and has been an artist since childhood. A professional faller for over 30 years. He began chainsaw carvings at his worksite in 2000 using self-taught technique. Gave up logging in 2016 so he could carve full time. His respect and love for nature and wildlife can be seen in his detailed carvings. Liam has participated in carving competitions and exhibitions across Canada and Europe and has placed in several events. Spirit of Wood-Maple Ridge, BC - 2008 (1st place), Atlantic Canadian Chainsaw Campionship - Fredericton, NB - 2013 (1st place), Powell River Logger Sports, CV - 2017 (1st place), Eibauer Interntational Team Competition, Germany (1st place), Power River Logger Sports, BC - 2017 (1st Place), Gold River-Wood to Wonder Competition 2018 (1st place). When not exhibiting, Liam can be found carving in his studio at his home in Chemainus.
Ran Jirou
In Japan Ran works as a sculptor. He mainly makes Buddha statues and Mary images with chainsaws and chisels. Ran is proud to do Chainsaw Carving in Reedsport.
Rob Bast
Rob Bast is a professional scultpor from Victoria, Australia. He has been chainsaw carving since 2003 and started his full time carving in 2009. Rob has successfully competed nationally and internationally in Australia, Canada, USA and Germany, holding the Austrailian Chainsaw Carving Champion title for the past two years. Having had a great expereience at the Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Carving Championship in 2017 Rob is happy to be returning to compete against some of the worlds best chainsaw carvers.
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